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Concentrations in Environmental Studies and Environmental Science

Many of the most pressing challenges of the 21st Century are environmental ones. We must find ways to feed a growing human population while maintaining the natural life support system provided by the Earth’s ecosystems; to make built environments more efficient as urban areas continue to grow dramatically in size; and to meet the challenges posed by rising sea-level and increasing global temperatures. These problems cannot be solved solely by investigating ecological, biogeochemical or social systems, but instead depend on interdisciplinary approaches. Further, science alone isn’t sufficient to meet these challenges, but instead must be paired with informed policy. The ES concentrations prepare students to meet these challenges. Coursework and capstone experiences provide broad exposure to the most pertinent fields of environmental study, while ensuring that each student is rooted in sufficient disciplinary strength to make meaningful contributions; this provides the foundation for scholarship and policy outreach locally, nationally, and internationally.

If you have questions please contact the lead concentration advisor for Environmental Studies (Kurt Teichert) or the lead advisor for Environmental Science (Dov Sax).