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Finding Environmental Courses at Brown

The study of human interactions with natural resources and the environment encompasses many disciplines. Outstanding courses are offered in departments that might not be immediately obvious to academic advisors or students. The Center for Environmental Studies and the Environmental Change Initiative have compiled this listing to help advisors and students find relevant courses in the areas that most excite them.

Courses from the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities are broken down into introductory, intermediate and advanced levels, allowing students build a logical sequence of classes within several broad categories.

In addition to the more specialized courses suggested below, a core of seven crosscutting courses forms a solid base of environmental literacy. Students interested in studying human interactions with natural and built environments are encouraged to take the following courses or similar ones:

ENVS 0110 (Humans, Nature, and the Environment)
ENVS 0490 (Environmental Science in a Changing World)
ENVS 0510 (International Environmental Law & Policy)
BIOL 0190H (Plants, Food & People)
GEOL 0240 (Earth: Evolution of a Habitable Planet)
ENVS 1350 (Environmental Economics & Policy)
ENVS 1410 (Environmental Law and Policy)