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What CES Graduates Do

The flexibility of the Environmental Studies degree allows preparation for many different careers and areas of further study. Since "what could I do if I had an ES degree?" is a common question asked by potential concentrators, we provide the following information. The majority of CES graduates currently are active in environmental professions or are furthering their studies of environmental fields. In a 1993 CES alumni/ae survey (conducted in 1993), 76% of the respondents stated they were addressing environmental issues at least occasionally as a part of their current job; 55% stated they were addressing environmental issues most or all of the time. In general, CES graduates remain professionally committed to working towards environmental improvement. In addition, 82% of the survey respondents stated they were currently addressing environmental issues as a part of non job-related efforts. Individuals who have completed a CES degree (AB, ScB, or MA) go on to address environmental problems in their communities and in our society.

Out of CES' first 154 AB alumni/ae (class of 1992 and prior), 76 have reported that they are pursuing or have completed at least one graduate degree. These degrees divide as follows: JD (19), MA (12), PhD (11), MS (11), MD (9), MPP or MPA (8), MBA (4), MEd (3), and MPH (2). The PhD degrees have been granted in fields ranging from government and economics to oceanography and pathology. Few students enter advanced degree programs directly following graduation; many first work for several years or more.

2009 MA Co-founder of Capital Good Fund (, a non-profit microlender based in Providence, Rhode Island. 
2008 AB Healthy Residents, Healthy Homes Coordinator/Consultant at the RI Parent Information Network, Project Manager at the Building a Healthy Newport Environment Coalition, and Info Group Consultant at the Providence Plan.
2008 AB GIS associate at the Civil War Preservation Trust.
2008 MA Department Manager, Environmental Studies, Wellesley College
2008 AB Program Associate for WWF in the Kamchatka/Bering Sea Ecoregion.
2008 AB Alliance Communications Associate for the National Audubon Society.
2008 ScB Community Farm and Garden Director
2008 AB Broker, Nuclear Fuel Markets, Evolution Markets, Inc.
2008 Sc B Living at Windward, an intentional community in Washington State.
2007/2008 AB/MA Works for the World Resources Inst in DC where she is charge of thinking out carbon trading in Oceania based on her own work in Indonesia, which she continued in Papua New Guinea with a Fulbright in 2008-09. 
2007 AB Financial analyst at Kohlberg Capital, formerly financial analyst for TerraCycle.
2007 AB Received an MA in Environment and Literature from the University of Nevada, Reno.
2007 Sc B Member of a Berkeley research team on Schistosomiasis in China
2007 MA Attending Harvard Law School
2007 MA Works for the World Wildlife Fund.
2007 MA Sustainability Professional: Consultant, Organizer, Change Agent.
2007 AB Program Coordinator at California Coastkeeper Alliance.
2007 AB Administrative Assistant at Glen Canyon Institute
2007 ScB Biology/Environmental Science Teacher through Teach For America.
2007 AB Works on the Climate Risk Management team at RiskMetrics Group. 
2006 Sc B Currently at Harvard Law School focusing on environmental law. Previously worked for the Environmental Protection Agency as a tribal liaison for the Waste Management Division in San Francisco.
2006 MA Pursuing a PhD from UC Santa Barbara in Geography. 
2006 Sc B Project Analyst at Environmental Defense Fund.
2006 MA Researcher at the Uzbek Academy of Sciences and an environmental expert at the UNDP office in Uzbekistan.
2006 MA Vice Chair for the Committee on Sustainable Energy in the Town of Concord, MA 
2006 MA Currently Project Director for Mass Audubon's Shaping the Future Community Outreach and Assistance Program, formerly Director of Programs for Design Trust for Public Space 
2006 AB Head of Production at
2006 AB Member of the Common Vision fruit tree crew.
2006 AB Immediately after graduation traveled to Ecuador to promote health education through clowning.
2006 Sc B Working at GreenOrder, a sustainability strategy and management consulting firm.
2006 AB Research Analyst at Health Research and Analysis
2006 AB Attending graduate school in sociology at UC Berkeley.
2006 AB Greenpeace Student Network Coordinator on the Kleercut campaign.
2006 AB Olympic athlete competing in the steeplechase.
2006 MA Gwynns Falls Trail Program Coordinator for the Parks & People Foundation in Baltimore and Research Assistant with Johns Hopkins Center for a Liveable Future. 
2006 MA Interstate Mercury Education and Reduction Clearinghouse Coordinator at the Northeast Waste Management Official's Association.
2005 AB Worked fora small consulting firm in New York City that specializes in advocacy and communications around global health issues and co-founded a nonprofit that teaches New York City high schoolers about human rights and how to effectively advocate for social and policy change.
2005 AB Research Associate at the Environmental Law Institute.
2005 Sc B Research Technician at Harvard University
2005 Sc B Staff Scientist at SCS Engineers.
2005 AB Works with NRDC’s “Biogem” program in Chilean Patagonia. 
2005 AB Attended Harvard University Graduate School of Education.
2005 MA Environmental analyst at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.
2005 MA Worked for three years as an Environmental Planner before pursuing doctorate at UCSB.
2005 MA Stay-at-home-mom and organizer of urban garden projects
2005 Sc B Graduate student in biology at UMass Boston.
2005 MA Former Energy Coordinator for Clean Water Action.
2005 AB Manager of development projects, including research, at the Khadijah Bint Khuwailid Businesswomen Center, a women’s lobbying and empowerment organization; founder of Recycle Your City, a not-for-profit environmental organization promoting recycling practices, raising awareness, and lobbying for sustainable solid waste management practices in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
AB Environmental Engineer.
ScB Biologist at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency