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CES Prius Rules & Regulations – Updated August 2013

  1. Use of the Prius is reserved for CES faculty and Staff. Students may also use the Prius if they are conducting research or meeting teaching needs of CES faculty and staff. 
  2. Students (undergraduate or graduate) may not use the Prius to conduct thesis research, coursework, or to travel to conferences (unless it is to present research findings). Any mileage used by a student must be charged to a professor's total mileage budget.
  3. Students may use the Prius to pick up supplies for a course in which they are a TA, to purchase items for the research project of a professor, to conduct research for a professor, or to transport students for a course field trip. Any mileage used by a student must be charged to a professor's total mileage budget.
  4. The vehicle cannot be used for personal errands, travel, or trips.  In addition it may not be used in order to travel to a job interview, place of employment or internship. 
  5. You must check in with Jeanne Loewenstein or Jeanne Medeiros to see if you qualify for gaining access to driving university vehicles.
  6. Prior to your first use of the car, you must read the brief Toyota Prius guide. While driving the Prius is basically the same as any other car, there are a few differences and concerns that you need to know about. Failure of drivers to familiarize themselves with correctly operating the vehicle has caused expensive repairs. The consequence of such actions may lead to the driver being held personally responsible for paying reparations and/or exclusion from further use of the Prius.
  7. All persons using the Prius must fill out a mileage report.  Click here to access the line mileage form. Paper forms can also be provided by the Center and must be turned in to either Jeanne Medeiros or Jeanne Loewenstein. Those who fail to submit a form, or do not fill in all information requested, may have their driving privileges revoked.
  8. The Prius must be returned with at least a 1/2 tank of gas. Use of the CES gas card is limited to faculty and staff.  A faculty member may share their gas card pin with students who will be conducting research or conducting business on their behalf.  (Note that all users are charged mileage for their travel, see above).
  9. Seat belts must be used at all times, by all the vehicles occupants.
  10. Notify the CES staff ASAP if you are cancelling your reservation, so they can let others know the vehicle has become available.
  11. Make sure that any trash/garbage is cleaned out of the car before it is returned.
  12. The Prius is not an off road vehicle.  Those needing such a form of transportation should look elsewhere.
  13. The UEL is not responsible for parking or speeding tickets issued to persons using the Prius.
  14. UEL staff must be notified immediately of any accidents or damage to the Prius. Accident report forms are kept in the glove compartment. You may also download a form here.
  15. Students, staff or faculty who use the Prius on a fairly regular basis are expected to wash and vacuum the car at least once a month.
  16. Those who do not follow these guidelines will have their driving privileges revoked.


To Reserve the Prius

You can view the current schedule. Please check the calendar for availability: CES Prius Calendar

If the time you want is available, please e-mail Jeanne Medeiros and Jeanne Loewenstein for permission to make a reservation. Be sure to include a cell phone number with each request so that we may contact you with any questions or changes that may need to be made to the schedule.