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Grading Policies on the Thesis

ENVS1970 and ENVS1971 are graded separately. Your grade for ENVS1970 will be based on the chapter submitted on the last day of exams at the end of the 7th semester. Your grade for ENVS1971 will be based upon the quality of the final thesis. Grades will be based in substantial part on your ability to articulate clearly and analyze critically a problem, as well as on writing quality. "Interesting" problems and "original" or "good" solutions contribute to but do not, a priori, necessarily make better theses-to repeat, we will look for evidence of your ability to analyze your problem critically within the context of the scholarly literature and the information you have gathered All faculty readers and advisors will be consulted in arriving at your grades for ENVS1970 and ENVS1971, but your principal ES advisor ultimately is responsible for determining your grade.

Late submittal of the chapter at the end of the 7th semester or of the review draft in the 8th semester will result in a drop of one grade for that semester. You should notify your thesis advisor in advance when it appears that a deadline may be missed. If the delay is a result of circumstances beyond your control, you may submit a written request to the ES faculty for an exception to the grade drop.